Eaglet’s Birthday

2022 is a special year for us – it’s our 25th birthday.

Titanic and Men in Black were two of the highest grossing films of 1997, the Spice Girls were rocking the charts and Tony Blair was the country’s new Prime Minister.

We also launched our first business and were far less grey than we are now!

Our founder Wayne Pearce worked for the Foreign Office before he became an ISO auditor and in the late 90’s decided to go it alone. He worked as a sole trader until a couple of years after he met Jo in 2001 and when he and Jo started to work together Eaglet Business Systems delivering ISO auditing, consultancy and training was born.

Starting out they had just a few customers but now a quarter of a century on, they’ve helped companies across the world gain ISO certification to International Management Standards.

They’ve also since launched sister company ISOAIMS™ – which is an easy-to-use ISO software platform to give businesses and consultants a straightforward approach to managing their ISO systems

It’s not always been an easy ride though – during the height of the pandemic in 2020 Wayne was taken ill and diagnosed with a Colloid Cyst in the middle of his brain. There’s only around one in 750,000 chance of getting one. For Wayne it was his second cyst, after he also had surgery to remove one when he was just 22. His consultant has said that that’s unheard of.

Despite Wayne’s illness which he has recuperated well from, the company has gone from strength-to-strength with a number of new ISO clients wins under their belts.

One of the most memorable has been to provide Quality (ISO9001) and Environmental Management (ISO14001) support to Scottish company Lochaline Quartz Sand in the Highlands. The company operates the only underground sand-mine in Europe and extracts quartz/silica sand for use in products including glass-wear and on a visit earlier this year Wayne saw himself going down the mine.

Wayne said: “Jo and I are delighted to be celebrating the business’ 25th birthday. When we started out all those years ago, we never envisaged that it would be the success it is today. You know it’s not always been easy – getting ill during the pandemic was challenging but surgery was successful, and I feel blessed to be here and taking the company forward with Jo by my side. We’re moving into new premises in Newcastle soon, have more associates working with us, and are actively looking for more and are winning new clients all the time. Our aim is to make Staffordshire the Quality capital of the country and help as many local businesses as possible gain and maintain ISO certification.”